Frequently Asked Questions

When are you guys open?
We are open 7 days a week from 11am – 10pm. Opening time is always the same, we do extend our closing time, especially on the weekend.

Are all of the beers brewed on-site?
Yes, every beer we sell is brewed here on Dargan Street. We brew around 5 times a week during the day. If you come by while we brew, we will be happy to show you the brewing process.

Do you guys offer private parties?
Yes we do. We can accommodate small parties from 10 people to large parties of 125+. If you have special dietary needs, our chef can craft a custom menu.

Do you serve lunch?
Yes, we serve lunch 7 days a week starting at 11am.

Are you a brewery or a brewpub?
We are a brewery, which means we can do everything that a brewpub can do but also distribute beer. Crown Beverages is our distributor in Florence and the surrounding area, Better Brands is our distributor in Myrtle Beach, MidCarolina is our distributor in Sumter, and B&B is our distributor in Rock Hill.

If I don’t drink beer, do you have other beverage alternatives?
We do, we offer wine, mixed drinks, tea, and Coke products.

Is there parking near you?
There is on street parking on Dargan, there is a small parking lot across the street from the brewery, and you can park at the City County Complex and access the brewery via the ally.

Do you do offer carryout food?
We do, you can call in and place a carryout order or place your order at the brewery.

Can I buy a gift card for someone?
Yes, we offer gift cards in any amount.

Do you only serve your beer?
As far as beer is concerned, yes – we only serve our beer. We have 12 taps that offer fresh beer with a lot of variety. We have a few mainstays and we introduce a new beer about every week.

Can I fill my growler?
We do not fill growlers – we sell Crowlers, 32oz cans that are seamed after we fill it with the beer of your choice. It is hard for us to ensure the cleanliness of a growler and a Crowler is simply the best way to sell beer to go.

Do you have logo t-shirts and hats for sale?
We do, we have both hats and t-shirts. We do change the colors and logos from time to time so supplies and availability do vary.